Announcing my Wonder Project

Summer is over. COVID won’t leave.

If you need a boost – a new habit – I just launched a project to rekindle my sense of wonder. It’s an email challenge called Because Wonder.

You can sign up HERE

I think wonder is a basic building block of happiness that we’ve forgotten about. And during the pandemic, I embarked on a journey to find more wonder in my life.

It was easy.

I just started paying attention to the everyday miracles in my life. The “regular” stuff we all ignore.

What I found astounded me. And rubbed away the numbness (and complacency) of adult life.

So I’m launching it as an email newsletter – to help infuse a little wonder back into your life. Sign up and I’ll share the wondrous stuff I found hiding in my day. One email, every Saturday.

Like wonder, it’s free.

What we pay attention to is a choice – maybe the most important choice you make.

Because Wonder is my choice to pay attention to, and marvel, at my so-called normal life.

If you sign up, I hope it helps you find more wonder, too.


Sign-Up for Because Wonder here

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