Clockwise Around Antigua

Another week of our adventure is in the books.  Last week found us on a clockwise loop of Antigua and Barbuda with our good friends the Pellinos.  Added bonus: the charter company I’m working with gave us a complimentary upgrade to a brand spanking new Lagoon 450 cat that just crossed the Atlantic.  The boat has a water maker, generator, two refrigerators and an ice machine.  It is basically a big party barge with sails.  Not a bad way to travel.

Giddy Up


Antigua is a great cruising ground.  There are a half dozen cool anchorages and English Harbor has some of the best history in the Caribbean.  And as an added bonus, Barbuda is a beam reach 30 miles to the north, which makes for a great (and easy) passage up and back.  We couldn’t have picked a better spot (besides the BVI) to have the Pellinos fly in for a week of sun, salt and McGuire death marches.

It was so fun to see our good friends.  It made us realize how much we miss everyone back home.  Sarah told me that she feels like the world up north simply stopped when we left, but having friends visit confirmed that life is still happening, seasons are changing, and we are missing things.  I even had a craving for Culvers Frozen Custard yesterday.  Maybe it’s time to come home?

I picked up the Pellinos at the airport and we hit the ground running.   Sailing is sort of glorified camping, and Bill, Heather, Ellyse and Brennan fit right into boat life.  Jimmy in particular was absolutely thrilled to actually talk to someone other than his parents.  And we gave him a “spring break” from homeschool, which made the time with friends even more special.

Seven nights out.  1 bottle of rum, 23 naps, 2 blow holes, 1 turtle nest, 85 thousand sand flea bites, 2 big fish landed, 1 pig, 2 Badger victories, 1 drug dealer, 4 waterproof band aides and 1 hat lost to Davey Jones’s locker.  Thanks for coming Pellino Family.  We miss you already.

How Long is this Hike Again Mark?


A (rare) Picture of the Three Amigos


Dingy Trolling with My Boy-Great Bird Island


Biking Barbuda Before the Beehive Incident


Spelunking Barbuda


Limin’ Barbuda


Bye Barbuda


Go Badgers!


The Wise Old Grasshopper Wins Again!


Safe Travels Pellino Family.  We Miss You 


Thankfully our Sad Airport Trip to Drop Off the Pellinos Had a Happy Ending!


One thought on “Clockwise Around Antigua

  1. McGuires we miss you and the sailing life already. The vision of Ellyse dropping her bike and sprinting down the road after the bees attacked makes us chuckle every time we think of it. The Pellino’s came back wounded but in great spirits. Thank God for Sarah’s ER bag of goodies. I’m still savoring the last Ting that i fought so hard to win. Watch out for the flying Barracudas. I’ve heard they like Jimmy’s toes. In all seriousness thank you for allowing us to share in your adventure. It was a trip of a lifetime and we’ll never forget it. Have a Mount Gay and Tonic and come back soon. Culver’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup is beckoning. Safe travels and let me know if you have any questions when you are sailing the monohull. Remember it has a deeper keel. 🙂 Billy P AKA #2

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