The Startup Maze

I recently gave a talk at UW-Madison.  The presentation–part of WARF’s Entrepreneurons Series–was about entrepreneurship generally, and more specifically, about what it’s like to think up, launch and scale a start up.  It’s something I’ve done four times, and I really enjoy drawing lessons from the success and failure I’ve had along the way.

Start-ups are hard.  As founders, we need all of the support and help we can get.  I hope some of the personal lessons I highlight in this talk will help those of you that are in the start-up maze right now.  And I hope my experience helps encourage more of you to make the leap.

Here’s the video:


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 1.48.30 PM





4 thoughts on “The Startup Maze

  1. Well, I worked for Mark in his first start-up, NameProtect, as National Sales Director. The one gleaming facet of Mark’s direction was “empowerment of the troops”. He’s let you lead in your are of expertise and that’s a sign of a true leader.
    It’s often said that leaders don’t need to be the most talented at everything, they need to surround themselves with people who are the most talented at what they do. Mark was a true visionary at this.

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