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Bush Rum & Grandma in the Bathtub

Friday night.  If we were back in Wisconsin, Sarah and I would likely be out with friends having a traditional Wisconsin fish fry and a Brandy Old Fashioned.  But we’re in Dominica, so instead we spent last night drinking Bush … Continue reading

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The Jacko Steps

Between 1600 and 1870 approximately 4 million West African people were imported to the Caribbean as slaves.  A mind boggling number.  Many of these people fought against and escaped their captors.  These escaped slaves, known as Maroons, often set up … Continue reading

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Your Boy Fell Down

Going to church in a foreign country is a great way to meet folks—especially if your son gets over-heated and passes out in the entryway.  More on that below. This past Sunday we accepted an invitation from Isalene George to … Continue reading

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I admit it. I tend to over plan vacations. As my family can attest, I’m the guy that reads everything in the guidebooks and then sets a withering pace during our trips. Each day starts early and includes multiple pre-planned activities. … Continue reading

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Yep, that is a Boiling Lake

“Wow, that lake is actually boiling,” I said out loud, but mostly to myself.  The sight in front of me was so incongruous, so strange, that I needed to explain it to myself I guess.  Our family had just made … Continue reading

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Arrived in Dominica

We made it to the first official destination on our trip—Dominica. Dominica (dom-ah-nee-kah) is not the Dominican Republic. It’s a mountainous, wild island, about halfway down the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands. From our guidebook: “With its unspoiled, pristine rainforest-shrouded … Continue reading

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Old San Juan

Fresh air and sunshine! After a great night at my parents’ house in Beloit and a chilly 5:30AM drive to ORD, we arrived in Puerto Rico. Such a strange feeling to see the snow out the airplane window and know … Continue reading

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Making the Leap—Our Trip Begins

We leave on our trip tomorrow. It’s complicated leaving your “real” life for +4 months. Lots of things are getting checked off the list and added to the packing pile. Home-sitter? Check. Dogs? Check. Favorite underwear? Packed. Preparation Panic Sarah … Continue reading

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Why I’m Taking a Sabbatical

What should I do next, after Nextt? Since shutting down Nextt a few months back, I’ve asked myself this question many times. It’s a strange place to be—between things. And although it feels weird and a bit scary to be … Continue reading

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