Nextt Adds Self Destruct Timing to “Make Plans Happen” for Friends Using Its Social Planning App

Ephemerality and Private Messaging Create Catalyst for Friends to Get Together Offline

MADISON, WI — (Feb 19, 2014) — Nextt (, a private network for close friends to connect so they can do more together, today announced a new “self-destruct” feature that adds some often-needed urgency to social plans that can’t quite seem to get off the ground. The app, available on mobile web, the Apple App Store and now Android, simplifies the task of socially organizing friends with a set of features that make it easy to turn “we should” conversations into actual offline plans.

Nextt’s new features include:

  • Self-destruct timeframes for ideas – every idea on Nextt now includes a pre-defined timeframe for finalizing the details before it self-destructs. This ephemerality of ideas on Nextt provides a fun sense of urgency so people take initiative to turn their ideas into actual plans. And it automatically clears out old, dated ideas to make way for new adventures.
  • Streamlined private messaging – it’s easier than ever to communicate with friends in private to better plan real life experiences together. Using Nextt’s simple chat interface, users can spark a private conversation amongst friends, then use Nextt’s integrated planning features to easily finalize the who, when, and where details of real world plans.
  • Enhanced notification options for non-account holders – non-users are kept in the loop with inclusive, hassle-free notifications from Nextt. Invites and notifications are delivered via text or email and link to a private, dedicated group space for ironing out details.

“Interacting online isn’t a substitute for seeing someone face-to-face,” said Mark McGuire, CEO and co-founder of Nextt. “At Nextt, we’re focused on encouraging people to get together more offline. Our new features, as well as availability across multiple mobile app platforms, make the job of rallying friends far easier for organizers, creating a sense of fun and urgency to ensure that potential plans don’t gather dust and actually turn into real experiences.”

See how Nextt works.

The Nextt App is available worldwide for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

About Nextt
Nextt is a private network for friends to create future experiences together. Nextt helps friends discover shared interests and turn ideas into experiences so they can get busy living richer lives in the real world. Co-founded by Mark McGuire and Emmanuel Buah, Nextt is privately held and has raised nearly $1 million in seed funding to date, led by Venture Investors and Great Oaks Venture Capital. For more information, visit

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