On The Hard–Stuck in Paradise

We are back on dry land.  “On the hard,” as sailors say to confuse the landlubbers.


After a great sail from Grenada up to Carriacou and Petit St Vincent, we have now retreated back to the SE Coast of Grenada.  Stuck in paradise–otherwise known as the Grenada Marine Boatyard in St David’s Harbour.

Every boat is slowly disintegrating in the water, and La Bella Vita is no exception.  She decided to pick this time to start leaking.  Alarms went off, routes were changed, mechanics visited, and a giant boat sling picked us up and deposited us gently onto the hard ground.  The charter company arranged the repairs, but the date of our departure continued to slip further and further into oblivion.

Out She Comes


In the meantime, Jimmy, Sarah and I made the best of things.  We rented a car to explore Grenada, we found a great hiking trail for sunsets, and we enjoyed getting to know lots of folks sitting on the hard there with us.  Boatyards are filled with stories everywhere you look.

A Good Story.  Mike and Rebecca Sweeney’s Zero to Cruising blog was the 1st sailing blog I started reading many moons ago.  


Our Sunset Trail Complete with Canine Friends


Exploring Grenada


I was also lucky enough to get the opportunity over this past weekend to help deliver a very fast catamaran (Catana 47) from Port Louis in Grenada to Rodney Bay on St. Lucia with our friend Chris Rundlett from LTD Sailing.  Chris got paid for the delivery and I got some valuable experience and a free flight back to Grenada.  I’ll write a separate post about that experience soon.  We had a leak on that boat too (I’m seeing a trend here), which made it quite interesting.

So life in paradise was still fun, but it was also getting pretty annoying sitting on the dirt in a boat.  For example, our bathroom didn’t work, so a middle of the night trip to the potty involved a ladder and a fairly long walk.  You can read Jimmy’s blog for his take on life in the boatyard here.  This wasn’t what we signed up for.  One thing led to another and we decided to part ways with La Bella Vita and collect a refund of our charter fee.  Buh bye LBV.  It’s been fun, not.    

Trip to the Bathroom Anyone?


We Left the Boatyard in the Vehicle that Actually Works in this Picture


What’s Next

Cut loose from our non-floating boat, we were in a bit of shock. We hauled all of our stuff off the boat two days ago and rented a place on Grand Anse beach from which I plotted my revenge, err, I mean from which I set out to find a new boat to rent.  After a fun couple of days, I am happy to say that we were successful in arranging a new floating home.  We are now set to depart Grenada next week and will soon be sailing again.

Grand Anse beach is turning out to be a VERY good place to wait for our departure.  The beach is almost 2 miles of beautiful sand and there are great restaurants, hotels and dive shops spread along the shore.  Sarah and I are running the beach every morning.  Jimmy’s 13th b-day was yesterday and I took him on his first scuba dive.  He is also making plans to start rigging lines from the shore at night with chicken meat to see what he can catch.  We are back to having fun again.

So there you have it.  We wanted an adventure on this trip and so far the trip hasn’t disappointed.  We will keep you updated.

Making Friends at the Boatyard


Walking to Dinner for Jimmy’s 13th Birthday


Jimmy’s First Splash into the Deep-Happy Birthday


6 thoughts on “On The Hard–Stuck in Paradise

  1. Mark!

    What a total goat fuck. So sorry To hear of your challenges. Painful and a lot of stress you don’t need.

    Jen has kept me up to speed the last few weeks.

    We sure miss you guys!

    Ps: the Beard looks awesome!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thanks Tim. We are still having lots of fun. It’s a good lesson for us that sometimes you’ve got to go with the flow. Btw, I’m not sure I can keep the beard the entire trip, but I’m trying!

    • Thanks for your help Scott yesterday. I’m so glad that you and Brittany are doing well with the kids onboard. I hope we can still see you in the BVI’s in a month or so. And Z to C does not look ready to float at the moment, but that actually is a pretty good idea. . .

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