Until Next Time Dominica

The second phase of our adventure starts tonight.  We are leaving Dominica, flying to Grenada and moving onto a sailboat, which is waiting for us in the Port Louis Marina.  The catamaran La Bella Vita will be our floating home for the next +3 months.  That sounds very strange to say.  In fact, as I laid my head down last night, I said to Sarah, “It’s going to be a long time before we lay down to go to sleep on dry land again . . . .

Dominica has been everything we hoped for and more.  The wonderful people, the hiking, the fresh fruit, the waterfalls, the ocean, the adventures we had with our children here . . . .  I could go on and on–and I plan to do a wrap up post soon as time permits.  For now, let’s just say that we hope this is not our last trip to this beautiful island.  Thank you Dominica.  Until next time.

Home Away from Home


Favorite Beach


Drive-In Movie Theater


Morning Walk


Sundowners (non-alcoholic variety)


Up Next

We spend the next several days getting an overview of our boat and doing a few shakedown sails and our first passage between islands.  All three of us are anxious and excited, a good sign that we have more adventures in store for us on this trip!

9 thoughts on “Until Next Time Dominica

  1. Sounds very exciting! We are at the beginning of the “moving aboard” plan….still searching for our boat! It is wonderful to follow others who are ahead of us!

    • Thanks Pia. I’m really impressed by all of the work that cruising families do to make this work. Hopefully we can share some of the things we learn along the way to make things easier for you. I just hope they aren’t all mistakes that you shouldn’t do like we did!

  2. Have loved reading the blog Mark. What a beautiful island.
    Get your sea legs ready. Can’t wait to read about the next phase of the adventure. Safe sailing.

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