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Yep, that is a Boiling Lake

“Wow, that lake is actually boiling,” I said out loud, but mostly to myself.  The sight in front of me was so incongruous, so strange, that I needed to explain it to myself I guess.  Our family had just made … Continue reading

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Arrived in Dominica

We made it to the first official destination on our trip—Dominica. Dominica (dom-ah-nee-kah) is not the Dominican Republic. It’s a mountainous, wild island, about halfway down the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands. From our guidebook: “With its unspoiled, pristine rainforest-shrouded … Continue reading

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Old San Juan

Fresh air and sunshine! After a great night at my parents’ house in Beloit and a chilly 5:30AM drive to ORD, we arrived in Puerto Rico. Such a strange feeling to see the snow out the airplane window and know … Continue reading

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Making the Leap—Our Trip Begins

We leave on our trip tomorrow. It’s complicated leaving your “real” life for +4 months. Lots of things are getting checked off the list and added to the packing pile. Home-sitter? Check. Dogs? Check. Favorite underwear? Packed. Preparation Panic Sarah … Continue reading

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Why I’m Taking a Sabbatical

What should I do next, after Nextt? Since shutting down Nextt a few months back, I’ve asked myself this question many times. It’s a strange place to be—between things. And although it feels weird and a bit scary to be … Continue reading

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Two Ways College Sets You Up To #Fail

I gave a talk this week to a group of graduating business school students at Edgewood College. They asked for real world advice. This is what I told them. Regardless of your career stage, I hope these insights are helpful! … Continue reading

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Want to be more creative? Go Running.

I was just reading Peter Thiel’s fascinating new book, Zero to One, in which he argues that the best startup businesses strive for a game changing technological breakthrough. Rather than work on small incremental enhancements, entrepreneurs should seek out quantum … Continue reading

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You might be an entrepreneur if . . .

Remember Jeff Foxworthy’s redneck bit? My favorite: You might be a redneck if you’re too drunk to go fishing. But seriously people. Thanks to Jeff we all know how to gauge our redneckness, but what about those of us who want to figure … Continue reading

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Nextt is no more—A postmortem

My most recent start-up, a mobile planning application known as Nextt, is shutting down. “Starting a company is like throwing yourself off a cliff and assembling an airplane on the way down.” Reid Hoffman, LinkedIN co-founder I’ve jumped off 4 … Continue reading

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Nextt Adds Self Destruct Timing to “Make Plans Happen” for Friends Using Its Social Planning App

Ephemerality and Private Messaging Create Catalyst for Friends to Get Together Offline MADISON, WI — (Feb 19, 2014) — Nextt (, a private network for close friends to connect so they can do more together, today announced a new “self-destruct” … Continue reading

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