Bush Rum & Grandma in the Bathtub

Friday night.  If we were back in Wisconsin, Sarah and I would likely be out with friends having a traditional Wisconsin fish fry and a Brandy Old Fashioned.  But we're in Dominica, so instead we spent last night drinking Bush Rum and playing Dominos at Toto's Rum Shop. Toto's--The Reason I Slept in Today Every Dominican … Continue reading Bush Rum & Grandma in the Bathtub

The Jacko Steps

Between 1600 and 1870 approximately 4 million West African people were imported to the Caribbean as slaves.  A mind boggling number.  Many of these people fought against and escaped their captors.  These escaped slaves, known as Maroons, often set up their own communities out of the reach of the planters and European powers of the … Continue reading The Jacko Steps